How Much Do Orangeries Cost?

Orangery prices can be variable depending on the size, shape and style you want for your home. They are typically cheaper than a brick built extension but much more expensive than a conservatory.

Where Can I Find the Cheapest Orangeries?Also it is important to note that there will be more detailing involved with an orangery when compared to an extension. Therefore, installing this type of structure can typically cost around the same as an extension.

Unlike conservatories which are considered temporary fixtures on the property, an orangery is regarded as a permanent structure. They also have a transparent roof which is not the case with conservatories. There construction involves a large amount of brickwork which allows them to have a visually striking look.

Furthermore, they can substantially enhance your property and increase its value. Even with the high initial costs, you will hugely benefit from installing one in the long term, both practically and financially when you decide to sell your property.

What’s so special about an Orangery?

orangeriesOrangeries are beautiful structures which will greatly enhance your property, yield plenty of additional space and give your property that special touch. Although it is quite a big expense, orangery prices being quite high, you will be making a very good investment.

It can be a good idea to select a style of orangery that will be appealing to wide audience which will be hugely beneficial if you do decide to sell your property in the near future. This is because if it is too specific and tailor made, then it could put off potential buyers who have different preferences to yourself.

There are a large variety of orangery styles and designs available to you, and you can choose from the more classical designs and styles or you could go far a more contemporary look.

Typical orangery prices

Orangeries are not cheap and can start from £20,000 and range as far as £100,000 for the more luxurious designs. Often this is because the structure is designed and tailor-made to suit the property and your particular requirements. Furthermore, high quality materials such as aluminium and engineered timbers are used to construct them (you could choose UPVC)

Although these materials may not be as resilient against the weather as uPVC they will create a stunning construction that greatly improves the exterior of your home. The orangery will be designed to fit in with the style of the house, even including the brickwork. Less work tends to go into tailoring a conservatory to its property which is why they tend to be cheaper.

Furthermore, conservatories are usually made from the same materials (i.e uPVC) which tends to make them very similar to each other. With an orangery you can be assured that you will installing a structure which is unique, beautiful and will perfectly complement your home.

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Where Can I Find the Cheapest Orangeries?