Some of the most often asked uPVC Conservatory Questions

uPVC ConservatoryUPVC conservatories still aren’t very well known outside of the UK. If you’re just looking into them, you may be asking yourself a lot questions. Below I will aim to answer some of the questions I first had when I began first looking into uPVC conservatories.

What is uPVC?

UPVC stands for ‘Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride’ and is also written as PVCu. It means that they have removed the softness from traditional PVC, making it suitable for large structures like conservatories.

How big of a conservatory do I need for my home?

This will depend on your price range and how much space you have available. A large conservatory is a valuable asset to your home. I recommend going as large as possible.

Will I need a building permit?

Most of the time your local laws will require you having a building permit. This kind of information can usually be found by calling your local council or checking on their website. Make sure you are approved before you purchase a conservatory.

What are the most popular conservatories & how much do they cost?

In the UK it’s likely to be the Lean-to design, closely followed by Victorian conservatories.

What direction should my conservatory face?

For overall enjoyment of your sun room you should face the main bank of windows to the south. Due to the way that the earth rotates about the sun, a south facing conservatory in the northern hemisphere with provide the most sun throughout the day. If you live in the southern hemisphere, you should face to the north instead.

If you face east or west, you will receive an overwhelming amount of sun in the morning or evening. Whatever your decision is, it’s not a bad idea to invest in some conservatory blinds or shades to keep the room cool during the hot months.

Can I build a uPVC conservatory myself?

DIY conservatories are quite popular as a low cost option. All you have to do is by a kit and then assemble it like an Ikea flat pack. You will still need to pour a concrete base and depending on what model you buy you may need to build a small dwarf wall. You should make sure you are capable of doing this yourself or enlist some help from a friend or professional.

How do I hang curtains or blinds in a uPVC Conservatory?

Blinds and curtains can be attached with a drill and some self-tapping screws unless you are mounting from the roof. In that case you will need some plaster fixings so you can mount the curtain rod or blind mounts securely. Make sure you take accurate measurements before you go and purchase new blinds or curtains.

While uPVC conservatories are most popular in the UK, more and more interest is growing in North America and Australia. I hope this article answers a lot of questions that you had in regards to following up your interest.

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uPVC Conservatory FAQs and Answers