Got some spare time, but don’t know what to do with it? Then why not spend an hour or two fixing all the small problems in your home?

Whether your door hinges squeak or your wallpaper is peeling, we have all the information you need to fix those niggling household problems.

For our guide to five quick fixes, you can make around your house, have a read of this.

  • Squeaking door hinges

home improvementIt may not be a major problem, but squeaky door hinges can be incredibly annoying. Especially, if the the problem affects one of the most used doors of the house, such as the bathroom door, for example.

There are two ways to treat squeaky door hinges; one is to use WD-40, and the other is to use petroleum jelly. Either spray some WD-40 onto the door hinges or rub some petroleum jelly onto them and gently move the door back and forth. This motion will allow the lubricant to work its way into the hinges properly.

If this is unsuccessful, you could also try lifting out the hinge pins and using a three-in-one type of oil to lubricate them.

  • Groaning floor boards

For a quick fix to get rid of the noise of squeaking floor boards, all you need to do is sprinkle some talcum powder over the floor boards and brush it into the cracks.

This simple trick can work wonders at reducing floorboard noise.

  • Peeling wallpaper

If you notice that your wallpaper is peeling, there is no need to worry, it is cheap and easy to fix. All you need to fix it is a piece of A4 paper, some wallpaper paste, a butter knife, and a clean cloth.

Use the knife to spread wallpaper paste onto the piece of paper, and then carefully rub the piece of paper against the underside of the peeling piece of wallpaper. Firmly press the wallpaper against the wall or surface and slide out the piece of A4. Then, use the clean cloth to carefully smooth out any bubbles or creases.

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  • Dirty or marked walls

If you notice that your painted walls are dirty or marked, you may think that the only option is to repaint them. However, walls can clean up relatively well with a gentle wash down. All you need for this is a bowl of warm water, some mild soap and a clean cloth.

Gently mix some of the soap into the warm water, dip the cloth in and squeeze it out, and then gently clean rub the cloth over the marks and dirt. Don’t scrub the wall. Otherwise, you will run the risk of taking off the top layer of paint.

  • Marked linoleum flooring

Getting rid of marks on your linoleum flooring couldn’t be easier, all you need is a dry cloth, some toothpaste or a can of WD-40.

Rub the affected area with white toothpaste and a clean, dry cloth, this should remove any stain or mark. Or, use WD-40 and a dry cloth to rub the affected area until the stain is completely gone.

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5 Simple Home Improvements You Can Tackle Easily