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  • Glass veranda: LDHM(2) Bespoke steel canopy built in 1997
    Period Double Hipped Veranda - Medium
  • WCLL(14) Vertical glass on one side onto existing wall
    Classical Veranda with straight roof - Large
  • Glass veranda: LOSPL(3) Complex contemporary canopy in Scotland
    Contemporary Classic Verandah - Large
  • Glass veranda: LDHM(1) This veranda has been design to fit into 2 side of the house
    Period Double Hipped Veranda - Medium
  • Glass veranda: LCLL(2) Large traditional glass structure onto a modern house
    Period Classic Veranda - Large
  • Glass veranda: LQHL (6) Large stand alone verandas fitted with anti-sun glass
    Period Hipped Veranda - Large
  • Glass veranda: LDHS(15) Decking and heating fitted after the structure was complete
    Period Double Hipped Veranda - Small
  • Glass veranda: LCLL(40) Growing plants around the frame can look amazing
    Period Classic Veranda - Large
  • Veranda: WLTM(1) Narrow verandah to add to the overall aesthetic of the house frontage
    Classical Veranda with straight roof - Large
  • Veranda: LCLL(37) Traditional house with a tradition canopy
    Period Classic Veranda - Large
  • LCLS(14) Even a small verandas can add to the outdoor use of your garden
    Period Classic Veranda - Small

Transform your home with a beautiful glass veranda

As one of the leading verandah manufacturers in the UK, Verandah Living is able to provide you with a range of bespoke designs that can transform your home and garden.

We are a family-owned business and specialise in all aspects of bespoke design and construction, including the creation, manufacture and installation of porches and glass canopies.

Give your home a new aspect with a stunning glass canopy, or pick one of our glass veranda ideas to make the most of your garden.

Each photo has a code on it. If you want any more information about a particular veranda, then please call or email us and quote the code number on the photo.

We are here to help - if you need any information or a guide price then please click on the link above. We would be happy to help in anyway possible.